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Vanity Fair Magazine/ '"Call Me Caitlyn"'

Vanity Fair Magazine/ ‘“Call Me Caitlyn”’

The Caitlyn Jenner project was developed within a small group under Graydon Carter's direction. Our team engineered new methods of data distribution in order to maintain the secrecy of the print and motion components.

distorted_logo_type (1).jpg

In order of appearance: 1, 2; A frame of the distorted Vanity Fair logotype from the opening sequence. Projecting the completed film in studio onto an Apple CRT monitor gave the documentary a sense of closure and permanence. We overlayed the tube effect on the animated logo, and a single shot of photographer Annie Leibovitz capturing Jenner. 3, 4; Animated Didot typography over cityscapes creating defined establishing shots. 5; Newsstand cover.